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Ciccio is the latest concept from the kitchen of Mario Ferraro, a 2nd Generation Chicagoland Restauranteur.

In 1935, after immigrating to Chicago from Italy, the first American generation of the Ferraro’s opened Ferraro Catering. In 1936 due to name confusion with a new competitor, the Ferraro’s renamed their business to Victoria Banquets and Catering.

The Italian Beef Sandwich is said to have been commercialized in 1938…However, the Ferraro family had been serving this iconic Chicago food staple 3 years prior to the local origin story. Known for high quality and exceptional service, Victoria Banquets continued serving the Chicagoland industry for 75+ years. 

The Ciccio concept was founded as a specialty shop aimed at reintroducing Chicagoans, and the world, to the authentically delicious, original recipe sandwich…

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